Marketplace Domains FAQ

What is a Marketplace domain name?

  • A Marketplace domain name is one that is owned by a names+ customer and listed for sale.

How does purchasing a domain work?

  • All domains listed as Marketplace domains are registered with names+, allowing us to guarantee a buyer receives the domain once it is paid for. The buyer pays names+ and then receives the domain. Once the domain has been moved the buyer's account, the seller receives their payment, less any Marketplace fees. Depending on the sale price, we accept payments by credit cards, wire transfers, Square Cash & Bitcoin.

I thought domains cost $0.99 - why is this one so much more?

  • Domain names are not much dissimilar than real estate. In fact, domains can be thought of as virtual real estate. They appreciate in value and, like house hunters, many domain investors look for undervalued or undeveloped domains which they feel can have a potential to rise in value in the future.

    You may also want to know why a domain with no website or business is worth anything. Think, once again, in terms of real estate. 50 years ago, people may not have thought a piece of land in the middle of the Nevada desert would ever be worth anything. However, today, Las Vegas is one of the biggest real estate markets in the US. A domain name is just like a piece of land, while a website or business is like a hotel on that land.