Domain Name Tools
Our complimentary service
to keep your personal details private.
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Keep track of WHOIS & DNS
changes for any domains
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Get key search metrics
and valuation estimates
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Check WHOIS info on
a group of domain names
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A complete CRM for mastering
outbound marketing
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Leave the selling to us.
We'll handle it from A-Z.
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Tool Details

What is PRIVACY?

  • PRIVACY is a complimentary service, giving users the power to keep personal information private. It can be enabled or disabled at any time.

What is Domain Overwatch?

  • Domain Overwatch is a tool to keep track of any domain name. Once a domain is submitted, names+ will monitor the domain name for any changes to WHOIS, registration and DNS. If a change is detected, an email will be dispatched to you with the original and updated changes. This service is free to names+ users.

What is EstiBot?

  • EstiBot is a tool to check search volumes of the keywords in a domain name, see what the CPC of the keywords are and get an ESTIMATION of the domains value. This service is free, on a limited basis, to names+ users.

What is Bulk WHOIS?

  • The Bulk WHOIS tool allows a group of domain names to be submitted at one time, to check the WHOIS details. Results include registrant info, registrar, nameservers & registration dates. This tool is free to names+ users.

What is outbound marketing?

  • The names+ outbound marketing tool is a first of its kind! It helps domain name investors to sell domain names through a full featured CRM. Upload contact lists, scrub email addresses for validity, create sales pitch tempaltes and keep track of all of your leads in one place! This is free to names+ users, on a limited basis.

What is brokerage?

  • Any domain name listed in the names+ Marketplace is handled by the names+ brokerage team. We will handle the negotiating process, payment and transfer of the domain. You just get to collect the profit.